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The Georgia Medical Malpractice Website provides information to consumers about Georgia medical malpractice laws and cases.

If you want to know if you have a good case, use the link on the left for “DO I HAVE A GOOD CASE?” (this is a free online consultation).   You can also call us toll free from anywhere at 800-974-4929.

Before you hire a lawyer, get some facts like how long is the statute of limitations, whether there are caps on damages, and how to look up your doctor.  Just review our section on “MALPRACTICE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS“.


Because we accept malpractice cases throughout Georgia and Florida, we maintain satellite offices in Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Jacksonville and Tallahassee.  We will be opening an office in Columbus, Ga soon.   These satellite offices are executive suites not staffed by attorneys full-time.  We use the satellite offices for client meetings, for depositions, and for “war rooms” when we are having local hearings or in trial.   We have fully staffed and supported main offices in Central Florida, with our primary office addresses being 1560 N. Orange Ave, Suite 300, Winter Park, FL 32789; 622 East Washington Street, Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32801; and 511 West Bay Street, Suite 450, Tampa, FL 33606.

If advantageous to your case, we will sometimes work with other medical malpractice law firms in certain areas of Georgia to serve you better. If we do associate with other medical malpractice lawyers on your case it will be because we believe it to be a benefit to you – but it will also only be done in a way that does not cause any additional attorneys’ fees or expenses to you.


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This site contains only general information and is not intended to constitute specific legal advice or establish an attorney/client relationship. Malpractice laws are constantly changing. If you think you may have a malpractice case you should promptly contact a lawyer experienced in handling malpractice cases.
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