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The Georgia Medical Malpractice Website provides information to consumers about Georgia medical malpractice laws.  If you want to know if you have a good case, use the link on the left for “DO I HAVE A GOOD CASE?” (this is a free online consultation).   You can also call us toll free from anywhere at 800-974-4929.

Before you hire a lawyer, get some facts by reviewing our pages on “MALPRACTICE ANSWERS“.  There you can learn things like, how long is the statute of limitations, whether there are caps on damages, and how to look up your doctor.  


Scott McMillen is Senior Counsel to the law firm of Paul Knopf Bigger, PLLC.  Because we accept Georgia medical malpractice cases, Mr. McMillen maintains small satellite offices in Atlanta, Savannah, and Augusta, and will be opening similar offices in Macon and Columbus soon.  These offices are available for client meetings, for depositions, and for “trial bases” when we are in trial.  These offices are executive suites not staffed by attorneys full-time, so we are unable to accept “walk-in” requests for consultations.  We also have similar satellite offices throughout Florida, and have fully supported main offices in Central Florida, with our primary office addresses being 1560 N. Orange Ave, Suite 300, Winter Park, FL 32789; 622 East Washington Street, Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32801; and 511 West Bay Street, Suite 450, Tampa, FL 33606.

If advantageous to your case, with your permission, we will sometimes work with other medical malpractice law firms in certain locations in Georgia to serve you better – but it will  only be done in a way that does not cause any additional attorneys’ fees or expenses to you.

These are some of the verdicts and settlements obtained by Mr. McMillen or other skilled trial lawyers in our firm.  Of course, every case is unique and your case could achieve a lower or a higher result.  

Scott McMillen a Medical Malpractice Specialist provides top-tier medical malpractice attorney services in Atlanta, GA. and the greater metro area.  With a deep understanding of Georgia’s medical malpractice laws, we strive to provide professional support and guidance to those who have suffered due to medical negligence in Atlanta and its surrounding areas.

Are you wondering if you have a solid case? Our free online consultation, accessible through the link on the left, offers clarity and direction. Simply click on “DO I HAVE A GOOD CASE?” to begin your journey towards justice. Alternatively, you can reach out to us from anywhere via our toll-free number, 1-800-974-4929. 

Before making any decisions, arm yourself with knowledge by perusing our “MALPRACTICE ANSWERS” section. Here, you’ll find essential information such as the duration of the statute of limitations, the existence of damage caps, and guidance on researching your physician. We believe that informed decisions are empowered decisions, and our aim is to equip you with the facts necessary to navigate your legal journey confidently.

Scott McMillen is dedicated to serving the Atlanta community. With satellite offices strategically located in Atlanta, Savannah, and Augusta, and upcoming expansions in Macon and Columbus, we ensure accessibility and convenience for our clients. These offices serve as hubs for client meetings, depositions, and trial preparations, offering a professional environment conducive to effective legal representation. These offices are not staffed full time by attorneys, so visits are by appointment only.  

When it comes to the Atlanta medical malpractice attorney-client relationship, working together as a team is important to get the best results. Sometimes, in certain cases we team up with other trusted law firms in Georgia to make sure our clients get the best help possible. Don’t worry, we always make sure this partnership helps your case without costing you any extra attorney fees or expenses.  We have a record of success in Georgia, including Atlanta and nearby areas. We are dedicated to standing up for your rights and fighting for the money you should get. You can count on our skilled team to support you in Atlanta, GA, and anywhere else in Georgia.

Atlanta Hospital Patient Safety Scores:

People living in the Greater Atlanta area have many hospitals to choose from. Leapfrog, a nationwide organization focusing on grading hospitals on patient safety, regularly gives out patient safety grades from A t F to hospitals in the area. They are graded on patient harming events like infections, medical and surgical errors, accidents, and other injuries. Here is how some of the local hospitals scored in the Fall of 2023:

Grady Memorial Hospital – Score of C
80 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30303-3022
They had a C in the Fall 2022 and D in the Fall 2021
Review the details of their score at the Leapfrog site:
Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation – GA – Hospital Safety Grade

Emory University Hospital Midtown – Score of C
550 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
This was a move up from a D score in Spring of 2023
Review the details of their score at the Leapfrog site:
Emory University Hospital Midtown – GA – Hospital Safety Grade

Piedmont Hospital – Score of B
1968 Peachtree Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30309-1231
Piedmont has had a steady B score since Fall of 2021
Review the details of their score at the Leapfrog site:
Piedmont Hospital – GA – Hospital Safety Grade

Emory University Hospital – Score of C
1364 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30322-1102
This was a move up from a D score in the Spring of 2023.
Review the details of their score at the Leapfrog site:
Emory University Hospital – GA – Hospital Safety Grade

Emory Decatur Hospital – Score of C
2701 N. Decatur Road
Decatur, GA 30033-5995
This was a move up from a D in the Fall of 2022.
Review the details of their score at the Leapfrog site:
Emory Decatur Hospital – GA – Hospital Safety Grade

Northside Hospital Atlanta – Score of C
1000 Johnson Ferry Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30342-1611
Moving down from B in Spring 2023
Review the details of their score at the Leapfrog site:
Northside Hospital Atlanta – GA – Hospital Safety Grade

Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital – Score of A
5665 Peachtree Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30342-1764
Up from a C in Fall of 2022
Review the details of their score at the Leapfrog site:
Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital – GA – Hospital Safety Grade

Please note that even an “A” score by one of these hospitals would not mean there are no adverse events at the hospital. Medical malpractice and patient injuries occur at every hospital.

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